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General Testimonials

  • "I have learned more about dental hygiene in the past year under the care of Apple Dental, than I have my whole life."
    Stephanie -- Jersey Shore
  • "This has been the first time in years that someone has taken my fear of dental work seriously. I’m looking forward to coming back."
    Tammy – Trout Run
  • "Dr. Leggieri and his staff were so warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in the door. I felt very little pain and very comfortable."
    Ashley -- Trout Run
  • "Team was friendly and helpful through the whole procedure. The Doctor described all procedures that would be occuring in detail. Thanks for the helpful guidance through this."
    Anthony -- Montoursville
  • "Professional and punctual! The dental team is always sincere and concerned about my welfare. My fears have been put to rest as I have now had two dental procedures done under sedation. I only wish I had ‘hooked up’ with Dr. Leggieri years ago."
    Sandra -- Williamsport
  • "I was so nervous coming here, but. Dr. Leggieri and everyone I met coming in the door were so kind and made me feel very comfortable. I have recommended Apple Dental to everyone. The Dental Assistant was so kind and careful through the whole process of my dentures."
    Bonnie – S. Williamsport
  • "My personal experience here at Apple Dental is truly awesome! I feel Dr. Leggieri is up with God. When he is done with you your smile is as bright as a shined up apple! The team he has is terrific, and their personalities are sweet as a McIntosh apple. The office is all like family!"
    Tammy – Trout Run
  • "After several years of avoiding the dentist, the time had come to fix my smile. Due to the unpleasant condition of my upper teeth I felt as though my professional and personal life were suffering. Fixing my smile would increase my confidence and get my life back on track. Knowing I would need several different procedures; extractions, fillings, crowns and eventually a top denture, I wanted a dentist that could provide all these services. I did not want to waste time running between two different offices! Right from the start I knew Apple Dental was the correct choice. Dr. Leggieri and his assistant took excellent care of me. Every procedure needed to fix my smile was properly explained and executed to perfection. The entire staff were professional and friendly. Above all, I felt very comfortable and at ease. May 18th is a day I will forever remember"
    Mark – Milton
  • "The Dental Hygienist is so gentle and very positive. She immediately puts me at ease. I always have a good experience—no pain, no anxiety. Dr. Leggieri is also wonderful—he listens, makes sure I am comfortable and does an excellent job. I am a very happy patient!"
    Sally – Cogan Station
  • "Dr. Leggieri and the hygienist went above and beyond once again today to make my mouth feel great! I had been having problems with a sore mouth and after seeing the Hygienist she explained to me what may have been causing the problem, and before the appointment was over my mouth felt better! I went home feeling great! I wish I went weeks sooner!"
    Karen – Williamsport
  • "Because of my fear of Dentists, I let the gingivitis control me as far as visits to a dentist unless I absolutely had to go. Waiting until my teeth almost killed me, I went to Apple Dental. They were awesome from the pulling of my teeth to the dentures that are perfect!"
    Ronney – Muncy
  • "Very kind, compassionate staff. Very skilled professionals in all areas. They always help me feel comfortable."
    Krista – Muncy

Sedation Testimonials

  • "Finding a dentist that offers sedation is hard. My previous dentists were very inpatient with me, so my anxiety increased each and every visit. My main problem with any dental work was my TMJ pain and discomfort and gag reflex. Sedation for major work was the only way to get things done that I needed to have done. And, Dr. Leggieri is a nice dentist, too!"
    Karen – Williamsort
  • "They were all very nice and answered all my questions. Dr. Leggieri had a calming effect, listened and seemed to care."
    Elaine – Watsontown
  • "They explained things to me and I knew I wouldn’t be in pain or feel anything during the procedures."
    Paula – Sabinsville
  • "I am afraid of needles and do not like anyone in my facial space. They were very friendly and comforting from the first appointment to the end of the procedure I now feel that I can get other dental work done and keep up with dental care"
    Karen – Williamsport
  • "When I visited the dentist it was due to bad decay and pain. They understood my fears of seeing a dentist and pain. They put me at ease, always asking if I was okay. If I felt (anything) during my extraction, they immediately stopped, gave me more meds, then moved on when I was ready. They made sure my experience was a good one."
    Kimberly – Jersey Shore

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